Boney Court House- 1% for Art Public Commission-Black and White Photographs

I've been commissioned to print and frame 8 black and white photographs for the Boney Court House. The photographs were taken this past year and are a product of many forays into Ship Creek Industrial Area and the Alaska Railroad yard. Ship Creek is a river that runs through the heart of downtown Anchorage and empties into Cook Inlet. Downtown professionals really can take a lunch break and catch a King Salmon at the mouth of Ship Creek.

The Ship Creek industrial area was once home of Tent City, the new city of Anchorage. Although the makeshift tent structure of long gone, the ubiquitous Alaskan Quonset Hut can be found in this area. The old Ship Creek Power Plant is an interesting subject for photography. Many junk and scrap yards live in this area as well. Here is the selection of photographs chosen by the Boney Court House art selection committee.