Artist in Schools Residency programs funded by the Alaska State Council on the Arts offer the opportunity for professional artists to share their art with elementary and secondary students. I enjoy visiting local and rural schools, exploring art, teaching painting techniques and often creating permanent pieces with students. My specialty is painting and collaborative murals.

I start the residency with a slide show of my work, my studio and images of various art projects such as public art and movie scenic painting, giving the students a glimpse of life as a professional artist.

Students explore different painting styles and look at various images of artist work from abstract to figurative. They learn to mix colors and brush stroke techniques using watercolor, tempera or acrylic paint on paper, wood panels or canvas. We often choose a theme or an area of focus for the residency.

In the slide show you will see collaborative murals of local animals, village dwellings, and traditions. Other schools have chosen a focus on birds, plant forms, abstract patterns in tree bark, self portraits, landscapes or a closer look at the work of well known artists.

If you are interested in an artist in schools residency for your school, you can email me for more information.